Football Gear

Champions are made on the gridiron, where every play presents an opportunity to shine. Every time you hit the field, you should be focused on achieving your best, and not on aches and pains. At McDavid, we understand the battles of attrition on the gridiron, because we fought them as well. We understand that the path to greatness can be a long and oftentimes painful one. That’s why we offer all of our athletes the best protective gear on the market. You will find only the most useful selections for football players here.

Looking for that competitive edge? We have all the right gear to help you decrease soreness and speed up your recovery. Our compression gear will help you decrease your rest periods so that you can get back to training and winning. Don’t forget to pick up an athletic support cup while you’re here, too. For those nagging aches and pains, check out our athletic tape. When you combine the right products with your talent and ambition, there is no stopping you. We’re in! Are you ready?

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