Football Wrist Braces

To catch or throw a football and complete training workouts, you need strong, healthy wrists. Wear a McDavid football wrist brace so you can continue to play the game successfully and minimize strain and injuries.

We offer three levels of stabilizing support for the bones and soft tissue in your wrists. Choose a brace that secures your wrist and reduces hyperextension injuries that can occur during practice or competition. Additional options relieve pain caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis or sprains and promote healing after an injury. Our football wrist brace options feature an anatomical design and adjustable straps or hook and loop closures that ensure an accurate and comfortable fit, and we use fabric and material that allow your skin to breathe.

Before your next practice or game, strap on a McDavid football wrist brace. It strengthens your wrist and your confidence as you play.

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