Lacrosse Briefs/Boxers

Hit the lacrosse field with McDavid briefs and boxers, perfect for competitive athletes. Lacrosse briefs and boxers should offer flexibility and support whether executing the perfect BTB or going in for a body check. We know you want the perfect fit and protection when in practice or during the game. At McDavid, we offer a selection that includes performance boxers, briefs with a soft cup, and a choice of brief or boxer with the Flexcup.

You play and work hard, on and off the field. Don’t settle for lacrosse briefs and boxers that won’t hold up to your level of intensity. Choose the style that feels best, and relax knowing McDavid products are high-quality designed for athletes like you. For muscle warming and stabilization, go for performance briefs. When needing a protective cup, opt for the soft cup or Flexcup styles.

McDavid lacrosse briefs and boxers effortlessly combine fit and support without sacrificing comfort.

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