Lacrosse Padded Apparel

Lacrosse padded apparel remains an essential part of your gear because it protects and supports your body as you carry, catch, pass, and shoot. Select McDavid lacrosse padded apparel for unparalleled stability and mobility on the field.

Our lacrosse padded apparel, including shorts, shorts, and sleeves, features high-density pads. These pads offer precise protection exactly where you need it the most, including at your shoulders, ribs, spine, tailbone, hips, thighs, and knees. Gentle compression helps to enhance your muscle movements and athletic performance without compromising your mobility and flexibility. We use durable fabric and strong seams to improve the performance and longevity of your padded apparel. Our gear is also designed to keep your skin dry and cool and includes easy-care instructions.

Help to reduce injuries and remain comfortable thanks to lightweight and breathable McDavid lacrosse padded apparel. This gear meets your support and protection needs during your lacrosse training and matches.

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