Lacrosse Padded Shorts & Girdles

Lacrosse is not a game for the faint of heart. It's a full-contact endeavor, and whether the hits are body-to-body, body-to-ground or from the ball hurtling at you at high speeds, you need to protect yourself. Padded lacrosse shorts offer maximum protection from contusions, abrasions, and injury from impact, whether your tending goal or scoring from the field.

McDavid's padded shorts come in a variety of styles, including hard-shell versions and integrated pads. Choose your level of protection, then select from performance fabrics the wick away moisture and all-way stretch that allows you achieve your full range of motion on the field. Whether you're learning the ropes in a youth league or moving on to serious competition, we have you covered when it comes to proper lacrosse gear and padding.

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