MMA Gear

Once that cage door closes, it’s just you and your opponent. Will you dominate and come out the victor, or will you face defeat? Success in MMA/Boxing is not about luck. Winning a fight is the result of years of training and hard work. Our staff at McDavid knows the struggle–the hundreds and thousands of hours spent on the mats grappling or practicing striking, the strategizing, strength and conditioning. MMA and Boxing athletes are perhaps the fittest athletes on the planet, and that’s why they depend on the best protective gear on the planet.

McDavid is a brand that MMA/Boxing fighters know and trust because we have protected them time and time again. We know that your training is grueling. That’s why our products are designed to lessen the wear and tear that comes along with MMA/Boxing training. We’ve got your back. Train with McDavid in your corner and win!

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