Running Compression Shorts

Athletes run almost every day, which can cause fatigue, pulls and strains. That's why you need McDavid running compression shorts. They're designed with your body in mind and provide a wide range of movement while enhancing your performance, protecting your body and speeding your recovery.

Each pair of running compression shorts targets and helps to stabilize your thighs, groin, glutes, and hamstrings, muscle areas that commonly experience injuries and pain. They're also made with strong, durable material that stands up to daily use, keeps you dry and cool, and reduces chafing and irritation. Choose from several styles of running compression shorts that offer varied support and protection based on your specific needs and sport.

We know you need to run, so rely on McDavid compression gear. With running compression shorts, you maintain mobility, protect your body and enhance your athletic performance before, during and after you run.

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