Soccer Padded Apparel

In the game of soccer, goaltenders need to stand strong as they defend their team's goal. Wearing McDavid soccer pads and protective gear helps give goaltenders the confidence they need to do their job and bring their team to victory. Goaltenders get a confidence boost knowing that our protective gear and pads are durable enough to protect their legs, shoulders, elbows, and knees from painful, injury-causing contact with a soccer ball.

Lightweight and flexible, our soccer pads and protective gear allows goalkeepers move about without restrictions. Goaltenders can quickly and swiftly jump, twist, and turn as defend their goal. Combining breathable material with hDc Moisture Management Technology players can wear our protective gear without getting overheated or drenched in sweat. Shop our collection of soccer pads and protective gear and find exactly what you need to protect yourself from head to toe.

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