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March 01, 2020 3 min read

When exercising or playing sports, injuries can and will happen. The fact is that when we put our bodies to the test, we are also putting them at risk. There is hardly an area of the body that is not put under stress at one point or another during physical activity.Thankfully, there are several ways we can prevent injuries before they happen or help to mend them after they happen. Utilizing a proper stretching routine is one popular solution for healing ailments. Working on perfecting technique during exercise is a way to prevent injuries from happening.Another way to help prevent and heal injuries is to use a brace.Braces help to stabilize a specific part of the body while still allowing it to be functional in many cases. A wrist brace is a common piece of equipment that can keep you stay healthy and own every workout. Here are a few guidelines to get yourself fitted with the right wrist brace.

For Sport

The wrist and forearm areas often times do not produce serious injuries — only nagging injuries. There are dozens of tiny bones, tendons, and ligaments that can all be harmed through overwork or as a result of a contusion.If you are an athlete looking to wear an adjustable wrist brace that still allows you to perform on the field, court, or ice, you should look for one that is flexible. Depending on how serious the pain is, you can alter the tightness around the wrist to increase the support. These braces help keep the area safe while allowing for a wide range of movement.It is important that you only use these specific braces when your injury is not overly serious. Severe strains, sprains, and broken bones are not meant to be treated with a flexible wrist brace. However, minor ligament/tendon damage or contusions don't have to keep you out of the game, so long as proper precautions are taken. You can still launch a three-pointer or chuck a perfect spiral while also protecting your slightly injured area.

For Injury

Sometimes, the injury to the wrist is too serious to continue to play. When there is a major tear or a broken bone, it is vital to cease any athletic activity that involves the wrist until it is fully healed.When you are out of commission, it is best to use the RICE method to soothe your body and get back out there as soon as possible. This acronym stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Rest implies that you stop using the affected area for any physical activity. Ice means you should apply some sort of coldness to the wrist a few times a day, usually for a 10- to 15-minute period. Compression is where you can turn to your wrist guard. The higher-level guards do not allow for athletic activity due to their lack of mobility and flexibility. Wearing one ensures that the wrist area remains immobile and protected. The final letter stands for elevation. Keeping the hand and wrist elevated as much as possible reduces swelling, which helps expedite the healing process.There is nothing more ill-advised when you are injured than improper care for the part of the body part that is hurt. A firm wrist brace makes sure you take the proper precaution so you can get back to your usual physical activity as soon as possible.

Take Care of Your Wrists

Flexibility and strength in the wrists is an incredibly important aspect of successful exercise. You need your wrists to swing a baseball bat, toss up a basketball shot, or throw a football. You also need it when you are trying to build up your upper body in the gym, as your wrists support your hands when they grip the weights. Regardless of what your fitness goals and sport preferences are, your wrists are worth taking care of.Because of this, make sure to take good care of those something other than babies. Do not ignore nagging injuries that can progressively become more serious. If you do sustain a serious injury, be sure to take the proper steps toward healing up. Wrist braces are a great way to solve both of these problems. Find the right one, use it and keep on dominating out on the field.

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