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The Evolution of HEX® Technology

March 11, 2019 3 min read

As sports continue to get faster, and more aggressive, so has the need for tougher equipment and protection. If you're a football or basketball player, you've seen first-hand the growing need for protective padding and may have wondered who was the original. Wonder no more, learn more about McDavid HEX®, the first to pioneer what has become essential protective gear.

So, What is HEX®?

HEX® Technology is a patented, closed cell foam padding bonded to moisture management fabric, which keeps athletes cool and dry and provides extra protection during contact and collision sports. Top athletes can potentially reduce their risk of injuries and gain confidence too, knowing that the demands of their sport may be less excruciating when wearing HEX gear. As the name implies, HEX pads are made of hexagon-shaped smaller foam shapes. That way, the padding and fabric move with your body to maximize performance and comfort.

When Did HEX® Originate?

HEX®  began when McDavid, a leader in sports medicine and performance apparel, pursued ways to enhance performance while preventing injuries. In 1969, Dr. Robert McDavid created the first (widely used) lateral protective knee brace for pro football athletes. McDavid introduced breakthrough HEX technology in the early 2000's and by 2008 the majority of pro basketball, pro football, and collegiate teams could be seen wearing McDavid HEX. McDavid products, including HEX®  gear, are at the top of pro athletes and sports medicine professionals' recommendation lists. Many of McDavid products are backed by research and can now be found around the globe to athletes across of a variety different realms.


What is HEX®  TUF?

Evolving from original HEX gear, HEX Tuf (featuring TEFLX®  technology) will take you to a new level of protection and performance. These products include an ultra-durable resistance coating, ideal for contact with unforgiving places (like basketball courts and other hard surfaces).Why is HEX TUF featuring TEFLX technology so durable? Infusing a powerfully tough coating into industry-leading HEX padding helps resist shearing, sticking and burning from hard surfaces and offers maximum protection for athletes of all ages!

Who Uses HEX®  Technology?

From beginners to the pros, those that are willing to put in the work can take their game to the next level using HEX products. This gear is a must if you're participating in contact sports (Basketball, MMA, Lacrosse, Football or Rugby for example). Kids who need some extra impact protection during youth sports are perfect candidates. Keep them in the game by keeping them safe. If you're already a pro, do yourself a favor‚ alleviate your game and boost your confidence by incorporating HEX technology.


Types of HEX®  Products

HEX products have evolved from earlier days to technology that's extremely advanced and sport specific. That's why this type of gear is becoming a household name among pro athletes and coaches. HEX®  technology is an essential component to compression gear like shorts, shirts, arm sleeves, leg sleeves, elbow sleeves with pads, knee sleeves with pads, knee pad inserts, and even athletic supporters for men.There's even HEXSkin, a tape that's been engineered to protect your body just like other HEX products, but you can apply it right to your skin! You'll be protected from abrasions, impact, and burns -- and the best part is HEX tape is lightweight, comfortable, long-lasting, breathable, hypo-allergenic, sweat resistant and water resistant. And, you can cut it to exactly the size you need.If you're looking for a HEX product that's specific to basketball, you're in luck. HEX 3-pad basketball shorts are just that-- made to protect your tailbone and thighs from basketball bumps, bruises, and heavy hits.

Contact sports like football have their own sports gear category, including HEX arm sleeves, HEX shirts and HEX shorts which come in handy for some of the toughest hits in sports.

Why Choose HEX®  Gear?

If you want to take your game to the next level by elevating performance and boosting confidence, HEX gear is the way to go. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends proper padding to reduce football-related injury in kids and adults of all ages.Most HEX products also come with compression technology, which has been shown to help improve endurance, power, and muscle temperature while reducing muscle damage, inflammation and pain says a 2016 study published in Sports Medicine. Plus, the moisture management technology used in HEX products wicks away sweat to help keep you cool. That's just one of many reasons a wide variety of pro athletes choose HEX and compression technology and swear by its effectiveness.


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