Ankle Braces

All athletes, regardless of their chosen sport, have a high risk of experiencing one of the most common sports injuries – the ankle injury. Experiencing this type of injury could leave you out of action and sitting on the sidelines. McDavid ankle braces provide the support, stability, protection and pain relief you need to quickly get you back into the game after an ankle injury.

Our comfortable ankle braces are designed provide the support of the figure-6 athletic taping technique without requiring the use of bulky or sticky athletic tape. Commonly used for both injury rehabilitation and prevention, this technique supports the inner or outer ankle without restricting or hindering ankle movement or range of motion. This type of support helps to stabilize and brace the ligaments, muscles, and tendons of the ankle enough so you can confidently return to competition without worrying about further injuring yourself.

Whether you are trying to protect yourself from future injuries or rehabilitating a current ankle injury, McDavid ankle braces are there when you need them the most. Try them out for yourself and see how quickly you can return to your chosen sport.

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