McDavidUSA Shin & Calf Support

Running and endurance exercise provides a beating on the legs. Our calves and shins often take the brunt of the force exerted from running, which can lead to inflammation, strains and sprains. Protecting these muscles during and after exercise can help to keep you training and competing without worry or pain. We designed our industry-leading leg sleeves with this in consideration, knowing that athletes can benefit from relief either during or after activity. Our sleeves, which feature our hDc™ moisture management tech, offer compression fabric that is breathable, flexible and durable. Whether wearing our HEX® sleeves—which offer 9mm padding for protection during contact sports—or our Targeted Compression® sleeves, we provide a product that helps to support and improve circulation while enhancing recovery. Their ergonomic, lightweight design aims to keep you comfortable and cool while on the move, allowing you higher performance.

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