Knee Braces

At McDavid, we understand how important it is to keep your knees healthy. That’s why our knee braces provide maximum support to the knee and pain relief for various moderate to major instabilities and conditions. With three different levels of support, we guarantee that McDavid has the right brace for you.

When your ligaments are compromised, your knee becomes unstable and is prone to further injury. That’s why we built our dual-hinged braces to offer protection and stability on either side of the knee. If you choose to remain active despite the injury, bracing your knee is essential.

We build all our products with your comfort in mind. Our braces are constructed with knee straps on the top and bottom that adjust for a perfect fit. We exclusively use allergen-free material and bound edges to prevent irritation. McDavid offers supreme protection and comfort. Try our knee braces and see the difference for yourself.

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