Meniscus Tear Braces & Supports

A small partial tear in the meniscus, a tiny piece of cartilage in the knee, can cause extreme pain and joint instability. If left untreated, the partial meniscus tear can progress to a total tear. Athletes with a total meniscus tear not only have to deal with pain and swelling, but they are looking at weeks, if not months, of inactivity as the injury heals. McDavid has strong, sturdy knee braces that help athletes who are susceptible to meniscus tears remain active.

Our knee braces help athletes improve their quality of life both on and off the field after suffering from a meniscus tear. Our selection of dual hinged knee braces helps athletes return to action after surgery or severe injury. The dual hinges support and stabilize while reducing load and pressure on the recently injured knee.

Athletes looking to prevent a serious meniscus injury find our knee wraps, sleeves, and braces helpful. Our wraps and braces protect the ligaments and cartilage of the knee by providing joint support and stabilization. Shop McDavid and find a knee wrap, brace, or sleeve that is designed to protect you from experiencing a meniscus tear.

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