Leg Injury Support Sleeves & Braces

A single injury to an athlete's leg is enough to take them out of action for several weeks if not months. McDavid is prepared to help you get back into the game after experiencing a leg injury by providing you with easy access to durable, sturdy, supportive leg braces, wraps, and compression sleeves.

From the calf and shins on the lower leg to the quad, groin, and hamstring on the upper leg, we have supportive, therapeutic products that will help with injury rehabilitation and pain relief. Our wraps, sleeves, and braces apply constant compression to any injured or damaged ligament or muscles. Applying constant compression to the injured area helps with the recovery process by relieving pain and swelling while increasing blood flow.

When you find yourself sidelined with a leg injury, let McDavid help you with your rehabilitation. Whether it is a sprain, strain, or tendonitis, we have a product that will help to relieve your pain and get you moving again.

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