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Extraordinary athletic performance is a function of multiple talents and abilities consistently coming together at critical moments. The same is true of great athletic protective apparel. We are measured on a wide range of criteria and under a full spectrum of conditions. Overall performance is truly the performance that counts and matters.

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Meticulous tests performed by CHP in the areas of Impact + Shrinkage + Coverage + Breathability + Weight = Overall Rating.


Using a scale awarding 6 points for most desirable outcome, decreasing in value to 1 point for the least desired outcome. McDavid 14mm HEX® ranked #1 overall and HEX® 9mm ranked #2 overall. It’s a one-two sweep for McDavid.


McDavid HEX® is protection and performance at the highest level. HEX® doesn’t shrink, consistently protects, breathes big time, provides ideal coverage and is designed to flex comfortably with you. Gear up with the best in the business, not the loudest, just the best.