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HEX® 02 | Research

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What use is great gear if only fits properly once? Fabric that holds up to the rigors of your game and your training, must also hold up to the tortures of the washer and the dryer.

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TESTING 1 2 3...

  • Fabric samples measured 5"x5" square
  • Each sample was washed in both cold and warm water
  • Each sample was machine dried
  • Precise measurements taken after 3 washings/dryings, 5 washings/dryings, 10 washings/dryings


Simple: McDavid HEX®  showed virtually no shrinkage. Other brands' shrinkage ranged 2.5% to 8.5%


Your McDavid HEX® gear performs comfortably, properly and predictably first time, every time. No shrinking means no weird buckling, puckering or pulling - we all hate that. Every time you wash another brand the appearance changes, the fit changes, the performance changes (and not for the better). McDavid does not change. It remains 100% game-ready. No shrinking means buy it, use it, wash it and love it over and over again.