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HEX® 04 | Research

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This is where power meets performance. This is the High-Speed-Human-To-High-Speed-Human and the You-To-Unforgiving-Surface bottom line. This is where HEX® earns its stars and your trust.

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  • HEX® 9mm and 14mm vs. other brands' equivalent pad densities
  • Football helmet weighted for the average human head (not your buddy's giant mel)
  • Helmet dropped from a height of one meter onto a super sensitive Force Platform to measure impact attenuation and protective characteristics
  • Initial drops are performed without any cushioning to establish a starting point (that'll leave a mark)
  • Subsequent drops are done on a variety of samples from each brand


McDavid HEX® consistently absorbed more impact pressure than our frequently "celebrated" competitors. HEX® is designed to take hit after hit after hit. Our protective readings remained high upon repeated bangs, pops and knocks - in other words - all game long.


You are best protected with HEX®. You are best equipped to play harder and longer with Hex. You are more likely to succeed with HEX®.