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How well do we cover you? Great coverage is essential to great protection. Determining how thoroughly and intelligently padded apparel covers any given bit of athlete real estate is critical to overall performance.

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Foam density (i.e., amount of foam) is measured within a specifically defined space.


McDavid HEX® ranked second (HEX® 9mm) and third (HEX® 14mm) in overall coverage. We were statistically equal with the top rating. But, a simple gold, silver and bronze finish does not tell the full story.


Our HEX® padding, at 90% and 95% coverage, far out covered most other brands. The only coverage ranked higher was a solid piece of foam. Frankly, we're happy to take second to a design that does not articulate or flex with your movements. By being lighter, more flexible and smarter, we help you get out of the way of many hits...