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We don't need research to tell us that breathing is important. But, we do need CHP to evaluate and measure the ever-louder claims of sports fabric/apparel breathability. Wearing gear that truly transports perspiration and keeps a body cool/dry is critical to performance. Breathing while protecting is genius.

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Water Vapor Test measures the rate at which moisture (i.e., sweat) evaporates through a fixed diameter section of fabric


McDavid HEX® fabric breathed best. We protect your body from the hard blows and give your body a consistent blow of top-rated breathability. Fortunately, science doesn't watch the tube or listen to the hype.


You are placing your bio-system in the best possible environment to succeed. HEX®  apparel provides you with the most efficient evaporation of sweat and quick drying of fabric. Breathe easier and play bigger with HEX® .