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It's On Me

IT'S ON ME is…McDavid athletes not giving up or tossing it in. They won't step down or back off. They OWN the responsibility of self. They not only own it, they built a house by hand, out of brick and steel and paid for it with a sack of cash.

NO EXCUSES. No Plan B. No mortgage.  Each day, it's on us to build on our history of performance, protection, prevention and recovery. It's on us to innovate and inspire, develop and deliver, expand and enhance. IT'S ON ME AND IT'S TOTALLY ON IN 2018.

McDavid Ambassadors

Harrison Barnes

6'10" / 225 lbs. / May 30, 1992

Harrison Bryce Jordan Barnes started life and basketball in Ames, Iowa. In his junior and senior seasons, Harrison went 53-0 and claimed two state championships. He also claimed 2010’s Morgan Wooten Player of the Year Award. Two seasons with the UNC Tar Heels saw Mr. Barnes continue his knack for knocking down clutch shots. In 2012, the Golden State Warriors drafted H.B. Five years, one NBA Championship, an all-time wins season and an Olympic gold medal later, Harrison is lighting it up for the Dallas Mavericks, recording some of his highest point totals…so far. Harrison Barnes is a man of great faith and waves off alcohol, with the one exception of an NBA Championship toast. Cheers Harrison, thanks for also putting your faith in McDavid HEX® technology and Team McDavid.