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HyperBlend™ Calf Sleeve

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HyperBlend™ Calf Sleeve

The HyperBlend™ Calf Sleeve combines the proven supportive qualities of perforated neoprene with the lightweight breathability of advanced knit materials to deliver superior comfort and support resulting in pain relief and expedited recovery from strains, shin splints and varicose veins.

  • BLENDED MATERIALS FOR BEST-IN-CLASS COMPRESSION: HyperBlend™ technology combines the support of neoprene and breathable compression of knit
  • LIGHTER THAN AIR: 30% lighter than standard neoprene sleeves with superior targeted compression
  • CUSTOM COMPRESSION DESIGNED TO MOVE WITH YOU: Anatomical pre-curved compression reversible fit design offers variable compression for shin or calf
  • PAIN BE GONE: Relieves pain associated with arthritis and tendonitis
  • WEAR IT ON THE GO: Perfect for Football, Basketball, Soccer, Running, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Tennis, CrossFit Training and more. Also, the perfect sleeve for everyday use, while at work or at home
  • CONTENT: Nylon/Poly/SBR

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