MMA/Boxing Braces, Supports, & Wraps

To participate in MMA or boxing, you must wear a variety of protective and supportive gear. Choose McDavid MMA/boxing braces, supports, and wraps. We know you need gear that’s strong enough to stand up to your demands yet flexible enough to move with you, and we deliver.

For starters, we offer three levels of support that are designed to promote joint stability, pain relief and therapeutic recovery. Then we use durable, breathable fabric that gives you gentle compression while keeping you dry and moving with you. Several closure types adjust to your body for a customized fit. Finally, we use secure stitching to prolong the life of your gear.

With McDavid MMA/boxing braces, supports, and wraps, you gain an ally as you train and fight. Our gear supports and protects your body so that you relieve pain and reduce injuries while enhancing your athletic performance.

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