MMA/Boxing Padded Apparel

Step into the ring or cage wearing McDavid padded apparel and fight with confidence knowing that you are fully protected against common injuries that can occur when competing in full contact sports. Whether you are an amateur boxer who fights on the weekends or a serious MMA fighter looking to go pro, our padded apparel provides superior injury protection against your opponent's kicks, jabs, and punches.

Our MMA/boxing padded apparel is lined with closed cell foam padding that will protect the most vulnerable parts of your body from your elbows and shoulders to your knees and legs while you are training or competing. Made out of lightweight, extremely flexible material, our padded apparel allows you to freely move about the ring or cage without fear of having your movements hindered or restricted.

Make the decision to incorporate McDavid MMA/boxing padded apparel to your equipment for added protection and you will start fighting with a whole new level of confidence.

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