Tennis Braces

The minute tennis players hit the court they dramatically increase their chances of experiencing an injury. The fast pace of the game combined with quick sprints, sudden stops, and repetitive upper body motions put stress on the body which can lead to serious injury. Athletes hoping to remain injury-free use McDavid tennis braces to protect against all types of injuries.

Overuse injuries, such as tennis elbow, knee or ankle sprains or strains, and tendonitis of the wrist or shoulder, can be prevented with the proper stability and support. Our tennis braces apply constant pressure while stabilizing and supporting. This helps players continue with the repetitive swinging motions associated with the game of tennis without fear of injury.

Off the court, our tennis braces can help with injury rehabilitation. Our braces provide stabilization and support that any current injury is given the chance to properly heal. Try incorporating our tennis braces into your post-injury rehabilitation and see how it helps you recover.

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