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This is a new level of extreme protection on the hard surfaces of sport and on you. TEFLX™ features a uniquely designed, ultra-durable resistance property ideally developed for the most unforgiving surfaces. Wherever body parts are making contact with courts and hard surfaces, TEFLX protects player and protects itself with its highly durable properties.

Made of polytetrafluoroethylene (aka, PTFE, aka, Action Hero Science), TEFLX ultra toughness is formulated into our industry-leading 9mm Hex padding—an existing and proven technology refined by the minds of McDavid into a sports-specific innovation. TEFLX resists burning, shearing and sticking on hard surfaces, while offering superior protection to your human surfaces. TEFLX leg sleeves and elbow/knee/shin pads are especially awesome for the frequent hit-the-deck nature of youth sports—protecting the kids and the cash flow.

FEATURED Teflx Products:

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