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McDAVID Newsroom

McDavid Inc. Appoints Richard Avis and Kathryn Millett to Deepen Global Product Marketing Team and Strengthen Category Focus

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

McDavid Inc., market leader in sports medicine (Sport Med™) and performance/protective apparel, today announced the appointment of Richard Avis and Kathryn Millett, experienced product directors, to its marketing team, both reporting to Mary Horwath, vice president global marketing. Avis and Millett are part of a newly expanded marketing and product development organization at McDavid Inc. and will be responsible for driving product development and supervising their respective categories of Sports Medicine and Protective/Performance Apparel.

McDavid Hosts First On Last Off Basketball Tournament

September 19, 2012

McDavid Inc., a leading provider of sports medicine products and protective apparel for athletes and active people worldwide, announces it will host and sponsor the inaugural “First On, Last Off” Basketball Tournament on September 22nd-23rd. The tournament will take place at Collins Academy High School in Chicago, Illinois and coincides with the launch of the company’s new branding.

Top Athletes Bolster McDavid Rebranding Efforts

August 23, 2012

McDavid Inc., market leader in sports medicine (SportMed™) and performance/protective apparel, announced partnerships with three notable athletes. Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop, Dee Gordon, Olympic wrestler, Ellis Coleman and Cincinnati Bengals cornerback, Dre Kirkpatrick will be supporting McDavid’s major rebranding efforts. These athletes, along with a growing stable of others, will be featured in new marketing initiatives, including its 30 Years New/First On Last Off campaign, celebrating McDavid’s authentic connections to athletic performance.

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