We are passionate about innovation.  At McDavid, inspiration feeds innovation and good is never good enough. We have the momentum of 30+ years and all eyes on the future. Innovation and its daughter technology are embedded in our DNA.

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Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of physical movement. McDavid Kinesiology Tech is our unique, pre-engineered, color-coded Kinesiology applications for issues of the knee, lower leg and ankle. Kinesiology taping is recognized internationally for facilitating pain relief, enhancing the healing process of the body’s lymphatic system and managing joint instability.

We’ve refined the science and simplified the process with clearly defined and designed steps, concise instructions and helpful video support. In addition, we also offer our Kinesiology Tape in highly versatile pre-cut strips and rolls.

TAPE. UP. to a brand new level with McDavid Kinesiology Tech.

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Protective apparel began with McDavid (okay, suits of armor came first, but nobody does a 4.3 second 40 in an armored suit). It started here and here it remains the industry standard.

Hex Technology is superior, closed cell foam padding, uniquely and permanently bonded to our high quality hDc™ moisture management fabric. This gives every athlete, in any contact or collision sport, the remarkable advantages of protection, durability and confidence. Our Hex Technology has been copied and pirated around the world, but we remain the leaders, the innovators and the preferred choice.  Countless professional and amateur athletes choose to wear McDavid Hex Technology. The Hex marks the spot for authenticity and performance.

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When you perform, you want hydration in you, not on you. Our hDc technology is a super smart, moisture-wicking fabric that breathes easily and often. hDc draws sweat away from your skin and breaks it down for quick evaporation. This works equally well when performing in hot environments—you remain cool, while in cold conditions—you remain warmer. Stay calm and cool (or warm) in your collection of McDavid hDc.

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Compression is a good thing. Our compression apparel makes major muscles warm and happy, reducing fatigue and cramping. Compression decreases loss of energy from excessive motion and vibration. A compression fit also reduces chafing, abrasion and skin irritation. Ultimately, McDavid Compression apparel enhances performance (we probably should have put that first).

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Ready, aim, fire up your muscles and performance. Once again, another shining “TM” indicates McDavid’s technological supremacy. Targeted Compression™ is everything you love about intelligent compression—increased blood flow, muscle stability and rapid recovery—focused on a specific area. All the benefits of compression are trained and targeted where needed the most. McDavid Targets your very best performance.

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McDavid Cross Compression™ technology addresses the common and nagging injuries to the hamstring, glute and quad muscle groups. By utilizing a breathable, high-tenacity technical fabric and mimicking the tapping techniques of athletic trainers, McDavid offers a unique advantage. Our 8200 Cross Compression short employs stabilizing compression, while the banding pattern mimics the hip spica wrap used to treat groin pulls, hip abductor and flexor strains. Our 8300 short specifically targets hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. These compression techniques help prevent and aid in the recovery of large muscle injuries. In addition, compression has the overall benefit of increasing blood flow, reducing vibration and encouraging faster recovery. Cross over to greatness with McDavid.

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We believe in the amazing properties of compression: increased blood flow for more effective circulation and reduced muscle vibration for added stability. The problem is these benefits can be defeated by cold weather. At McDavid, we know athletes are out there in all weather and in all temperatures. Our Thermal Compression products are leaders in all things compression, with the added benefit of life-giving warmth. Without warmth, muscles scream and eventually shut down. Our Thermal Compression gear brings a remarkable level of warmth without impeding movement. Worn as a base layer or an outer layer, either way athletes get the best of smart compression no matter what the Celsius or Fahrenheit say.

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