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Active individuals need to protect their joints to stay mobile and injury-free. Studies report that a whopping 2.5 million people check into an emergency room with knee injuries each year. The majority of these injuries happen during participation in sports like basketball and football. If you play sports regularly, you should definitely pick up a knee brace for the added support and stability they provide.

Do your knees feel unstable? Do you run a few miles a week and have sore joints? You don't have to suffer. Our line of knee braces provides maximum support where you need it. A good brace will transfer the load off your lower limb to your upper thigh, which helps to relieve pain in the knee because the upper thigh is a much larger and stronger muscle group.

To best suit a range of athletic needs, we offer different levels of protection and support. Our braces offer three different levels of support, from lower levels of soft braces to the level-three braces made of a non-flexible material for the most support.

Some users have reported that before purchasing and using our braces, their injuries were preventing them from participating in their sport regularly. Keep in mind that after most major injuries or surgeries, your doctor will recommend physical therapy. This is because your muscles contract during exercise, putting pressure on your lymph vessels to help fluid move through the vessels and reduce swelling. The contractions also help bring blood flow and nutrients to the area to speed recovery. If you have been injured and stopped all physical activity, you have done yourself a disservice.

Check out our different types of knee braces, find the right one for you, and get back in action!

Level One Braces - Primary Protection

Our Level One products help to relieve minor pain and promote healing of tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis and ligament instabilities. These are soft braces, such as knee sleeves, made of flexible materials that include nylon and spandex. These braces offer the highest range of motion and are a great choice for conditions like runner's knee, which causes pain around or underneath the kneecap. Our Level One knee sleevesalso include reflective material to help increase visibility in low-light situations.

The Level One braces bring support and compression to the area. Studies show that adding compression increases circulation, which may help heal injured tissues. Adding compression also serves to reduce the pain in your joints so that you can focus on your performance, not your aching knees.

Compression sleeves can help with nonspecific knee issues like swelling. If you want to stay in the game, do your best to minimize swelling as it can inhibit the healing process. Fortunately, compression gear can combat swelling and speed your recovery.

Many of our users report that our level-one braces offer long-lasting compression and pain relief that allows them to continue participating in their sport.

McDavid Level 1 Knee Sleeve

Knee Sleeve



Level Two Braces - Advanced Protection

While level one braces are generally soft sleeves, Level Two braces offer a bit more support with adjustable straps that allow the wearer to customize their level of compression. These braces offer similar benefits to level-one braces with a bit more stability.

These former braces offer moderate knee support that helps relieve pain from cartilage (meniscus) injuries and may assist in recovery. They are constructed with latex-free neoprene, a very high-quality and durable material. The adjustable straps allow the wearer to find the perfect fit and can accommodate fluctuations in weight, allowing you to gain weight or drop weight and still be able to use the same brace. If you're looking for an adjustable knee support, these are a great choice.

McDavid Level 2 Knee Support

Knee Support w/Stays & Cross Straps



Level Three Braces - Maximum Protection

Are your knees feeling unstable? We have just the right brace for you. Our Level Three braces offer high-level support by improving medial and lateral stability, which helps reduce injury and assist recovery. These braces are built with bilateral geared polycentric hinges for stability and free movement.

Level Three braces offer the maximum amount of support and can be combined with a knee sleeve for added compression.

Many of our users report that a level-three brace negated their pain while wearing it and allowed them to play harder. Studies have also proven that wearing hinged braces while landing from a jump can lessen ground reactive forces, which helps to protect your joints.

Don't get stuck on the sidelines! Check out our variety of braces and get back in the game.

McDavid Level 3 Knee Brace

Knee Brace w/Dual Disk Hinges



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