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Proper Care Techniques for Compression Gear

March 11, 2019 3 min read 1 Comment

basketball players wearing compression gearCompression gear has become one of the latest trends in the world of fitness and athletics. From arm sleeves, to leg sleeves, to ankle sleeves, there is hardly an area of the body that has gone sleeveless in recent years.The gear works by gentle squeezing a specific area of the body, which can help increase circulation andminimize muscle vibrationexperienced by certain activities. The heightened circulation tends to result in more oxygen being delivered to the muscles, which increases their output.The lessened movement can make athletes less sore after any sort of strenuous workout. Better functionality and a shorter recovery period are music to any gym-goer's ears, hence the increasing popularity of this type of athletic clothing.Companies such as McDavid sell a wide array of compression products that athletes and fitness freaks just cannot get enough of. These garments are not only useful, but also long-lasting when properly cared for. Here is how to properly care for your latest and greatest compression gear so that it lasts the entire season.

Wash Up

There are a few basic rules to ensuring compression gear remains sturdy and functional. The first is an obvious one: read the label. Though there are general guidelines that apply to most of these products, it is best to make sure you are avoiding any disastrous mistakes by taking a peek at the tag on the inner lining. Once you have done this, and you know what you are doing will not completely ruin your latest purchase, it's time to wash up.The rule of thumb for washing compression gear is very simple. First, hand wash in cold water, using a mild detergent. This is not quite as convenient as just tossing it into the washing machine, but it is well worth it when the same sleeve is fully functional six months after its purchase.After thoroughly washing, air dry the garment. Do not machine dry, as the constant tumbling stretches out the elastic, which may over time reduce the compression benefit.It is important to also avoid fabric softener and bleach, as is often written on the label. These products can stain the fabric and get stuck in between the fibers, making it less breathable and tighter. Once this process is complete, your compression gear should feel as firm and as effective as the day it came out of the box.Not following these rules drastically reduces the lifespan of compression gear. Some of the side effects to improper care include color fading, loss of elasticity, and extreme shrinkage. It is wise to take care of these garments not only for your body but for your wallet as well.compression socks

Invest In Your Gear

As is the case with most things, you get what you pay for. Compression gear ranges in price. With a higher-end sleeve, you are taking more of an initial financial hit, in order to save on more compression garments in the future. Even if you take proper care of a lesser model, it is not built to last as long as its more expensive counterpart.The higher-end products are made with thicker elastic bands and more fibers, which gives them a greater lifespan and the ability to serve their purpose more effectively.Additionally, they often come with enhanced features that are not seen in other models, such as the HEX® technology padding featured on some of McDavid's compression sleeves. This gives an added layer of protection from falls and collisions, something that can derail any workout. You will likely perform better and over a longer stretch of time with top-notch compression gear.

Time To Perform

If you make wise purchases and are meticulous with the care of your compression garments, there is no telling what can be accomplished. Compression gear helps keep the muscles warm and in place, which some believe will ultimately help you perform better and recover quicker after a workout. It is no wonder why these products can be seen any time you turn on ESPN, on some of the top athletes in the world.So, the next time you are in a sporting goods store, take a look at some of the compression products on the shelves. If you choose to invest in one, you've made a wise decision. You have now given your muscles the ability to perform better.How long they maintain that performance level depends on if you take care of your newest piece of equipment. Use these tips, and you can maintain your compression gear, so that it can maintain you.

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