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ELITE HEX® 2-Pad 3/4 Tight

ELITE HEX 2-Pad 3-4 Tight Product Header

The McDavid ELITE HEX® 2-Pad 3/4 Tight delivers advanced performance for elite athletes. Best for skilled basketball and football athletes seeking enhanced stability and comfort from Breathable Knit Compression performance and advanced on-court protection for ultimate confidence in motion.

  • BEST IN CLASS PROTECTION: 9mm HEX® Technology contours perfectly to knees to protect without restricting movement
  • ELITE FIT: 3/4 length compression tights for superior fit, coverage and lower-body protection from court surfaces and abrasions
  • BREATHABLE KNIT COMPRESSION: Keeps you cool while stabilizing and warming muscles for improved performance
  • MOISTURE WICKING: hDc® Moisture Management Technology is all about cool, dry, odor-free performance
  • SUPERIOR FIT, UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE: Often imitated, HEX® remains the protection innovation leader and top choice of countless high school, collegiate and professional athletes in Basketball, Football, Volleyball and other court, field and impact sports
  • SIMPLE CARE: Wash it, dry it, wear it
  • ADDED SUPPORT: Helps prevent chafing
  • CONTENT: 95% Polyamide / 5% Elastane / 100% PP Foam

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