Knee Support/Double Wrap - McDavid

Knee Support/Double Wrap


The McDavid Knee Support / Double Wrap delivers versatile and targeted support for a variety of patella tracking issues. Thinner, latex-free neoprene and dual wing wraps optimize compression and stability in a simple to use design.

  • VERSATILE, TARGETED SUPPORT: Lightweight and highly flexible without sacrificing compression and support
  • ADJUSTABLE, COMFORTABLE: Thinner 1.5 mm latex-free neoprene is perforated for comfort and maximum adjustability
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Dual wing wraps are easy to apply and manage for optimal support
  • COMPRESSION & STABILITY: First set of wings regulates support and compression of the muscles, and the second set isolates and stabilizes the patella
  • IDEAL FOR ANY SPORT, ACTIVITY: Perfect for Walking, Running, Hiking, Soccer, Biking, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Pickleball, Volleyball and more
  • CONTENT: 100% CR Neoprene / 93% Nylon / 7% Spandex

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