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The Evolution of HEX

March 11, 2019 7 min read

Sports have drastically changed over the past few decades. While the rules haven't differentiated much since their conception, the way that sports are played has become more technical, aggressive and precise. In particular, professional sports are seeing players achieve greatness unlike any other players before them. An athlete's training and conception of the sport is largely to thank.What's fueling this increase in athletic ability and eye-for-training is technology. Coaches, trainers and athletes are being guided by the results of science, which are helping teams and their players to perform at levels never before seen.But with more intensive play and training comes the increased worry and probability of injury. For that reason, the athletic community has been asking for better protective padding—increased technology that can protect athletes against the increased aggression in their sports. Our HEX technology is a pioneer in this field, providing athletes with the essential protective gear that they have been asking for.

What is HEX Technology & Where Did It Come From?

Following Dr. Robert McDavid's 1969 creation of a protective knee brace designed for professional football players, McDavid became an industry leader in protective athletic performance apparel. As the decades have come and gone, we have continually sought to better our former products, utilizing technological and sports medicine advancements to improve their protective abilities. Out of this conquest to enhance product performance while further preventing injury, we created our HEX‚Ñ¢ Technology in the early 2000s.By bonding this patented, closed-cell foam padding to moisture-wicking fabric, HEX technology offers athletes apparel with supreme breathability and increased protection against contact and collision. As per its name, HEX's knit compression padding is constructed with hexagonal foam patterns. This construction provides athletes with a supreme sense of agility and flexibility.The construction, knit and formation of HEX padding is designed so that athletes can move, play and hit with a heightened agility, comfort and protection. Its ambitious, skin-like design ensures that this gear contours to the skin, leaving no extra material to bunch up and hold you back.By aiming to reduce the potential risk of injuries caused during high-impact sports, as well as increasing the comfort felt while wearing protective gear, HEX gear can increase an athlete's confidence during play, allowing them to focus entirely on the play at hand.

How Does HEX Technology Help Me?

The goal of HEX products is to provide athletes with industry-leading performance, protection and confidence. By bonding the patented HEX closed-cell foam padding system to our hDc‚Ñ¢ moisture-wicking fabric, athletes are provided with protective gear that can help them to continue performing at their best.For any serious athlete looking to improve their performance on multiple fronts, HEX products are the best option available. These products will aim to help you perform with more confidence, playing faster and hitting harder than before. Studies have shown that padded compression clothing can effectively reduce the impact force taken during a hit. For this reason, padded gear offers you the ability to hit just as hard while reducing some of the returned impulses. As an added bonus, HEX's moisture-wicking abilities also mean your clothing won't be weighed down with collected sweat, keeping you feeling light and cool during any event.Furthermore, compression-based gear has been shown to decrease muscle damage during exercise, while improving the recovery time of muscle function following high-exertion exercise. This added benefit works to ensure you are protected not only during exercise, but afterward, too. By providing mesh or knit compression, this gear aims to keep you performing at your best even after the roughest of workouts. All of these performance aspects mean that any athlete can benefit from HEX technology, seeking to improve their athletic experience.

Who is HEX Technology Made For?

As mentioned above, HEX technology was made with every athlete in mind. Whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete, HEX is intended to provide countless benefits to any athlete who is asking the most of themselves.While created with high-contact sports—football, wrestling, rugby, lacrosse, etc.—in mind, HEX gear can benefit any athlete. And while contact sports are the first intention, they can offer protection to athletes who partake in any other sports with contact—basketball, baseball, tennis and more. The offered compression and padding works to help protect from abrasions, contacts and scratches, meaning that any athlete can benefit from the qualities provided by this industry-leading technology.Whether you're a parent whose child needs an extra bit of padding during their pee-wee football games or you're a professional athlete who wants to improve their performance from the practice field to game day, HEX gear offers an endless amount of benefits intended to improve your mental and physical perception while out on the field.

What Types of HEX Technology Are There?

While there is the bounty of original HEX gear and collision apparel to choose from, we offer another evolution from the HEX line called HEX TUF. This gear, which features our expertly-engineered TEFLX‚Ñ¢ technology, provides athletes with yet another level of extreme protection, comfort and confidence.Coated with an ultra-durable resistance layer, the HEX TUF line introduces a series of protective gear that can stand up to any type of surface and condition, no matter how rough and tough it might be. Hard surfaces need not be a worry while wearing our HEX TUF gear. Its non-sticking, non-abrasive properties aim to protect those wearing it from hard surfaces, all with the added protection and comfort provided by the industry-leading 9mm HEX padding.

What Products Feature HEX Technology?

Things have changed ever since Dr. Robert McDavid's 1969 lateral protective knee brace. As time has passed, HEX gear has progressively evolved alongside the advancement of sports medicine and technology. This is the very reason why HEX gear has continued to be one of the most popular forms of protective gear to be used by athletes.The types of gear that feature HEX technology are varied, but here are a few of the standouts:HEX Sternum Shirt:This skin-tight, moisture-wicking shirt provides the ultimate amount of protection for any athletes playing high-contact sports. This shirt features the patented 9mm HEX Technology hexagonal pads that can protect against any sudden impact and minor injury to the sternum, making it perfect for high-impact sports like football and rugby. Even for its added protection, this shirt will fit as if it's not even there, providing athletes with comfort with its mesh breathability and ability to wick moisture.HEX Skin Roll:Working like kinesthetic tape by giving athletes compression where applied, the HEX Skin Roll increases the usability of the product by extending it into the productive gear forum. Cut to whatever length is required, the Skin Roll can be applied either straight to the body or between a body and an article of clothing, offering athletes protection against impact, burn and abrasion. Similarly, its 4mm protective padding gives athletes some protection from any hard contact, beyond protection from hard surfaces. This product will be able to stand up even to the most aggressive practices and games, staying attached to the skin while keeping the athlete comfortable and protected.HEX Forearm Sleeves:Ideal for contact sports like football, lacrosse or rugby, these forearm sleeves give athletes protection and comfort with its 9mm HEX technology. Your forearms will be protected from both nasty hits and any hard surfaces while wearing these, reducing the likelihood of abrasions, scratches, bruising and minor injuries. Similarly, the inclusion of hDc technology ensures that athletes stay cool and dry while playing, keeping athletes comfortable without the worry of having protective wear either become uncomfortable or weigh them down.HEX Leg Sleeves:These leg sleeves offer protection from even the hardest of hits. Best for athletes filling the most aggressive positions in their sport, this product's 9mm padding keeps the lower legs safe from cut blocks, low tackles and more. Their extended length helps to improve the protective abilities of the sleeves, safeguarding against lower leg scratches and abrasions that might be caused by the elements. Like most other HEX products, these can be worn without any worry of overheating, providing athletes with utmost compression while keeping legs cool and dry. Consider these for basketball—if you're the type to constantly be diving on the floor—and trail running—if you'll be taking on some nasty, rocky, technical trails.This gear is meant to stand up to both contact and hard surfaces, but there are ways that you can take the time to ensure that natural wear-and-tear does not take its toll on your gear. With proper care and maintenance, you can work to extend the lifetime of your protective gear, keeping you working at the top of your game for the future. Best of all, HEX gear is machine washable/dryable, so you can clean and preserve all of your gear with ease.

What's the Next Evolution of HEX?

The newest update in HEX technology appears in the brand-new Elite HEX Shooter Arm Sleeve. The newly designed elite HEX sleeve—featuring its well-known graduated 9mm hexagonal padding, preventing both cuts and scratches from hard surfaces—offers an anatomical fit that contours around the elbow to offer an exact fit, superior protection and the utmost comfort.Professional testers have stated that this product fits like a tattoo. This is the most you can ask out of any protective sleeve, especially for a basketball shooting sleeve. The Elite HEX Shooter Arm Sleeve's knit compression gives athletes a skin-like fit, providing muscles with necessary stability and increased blood flow. Together, this product aims to ensure that your arms don't tire out even after an extensive practice or during the middle of a game.Similarly, the addition of hDc Moisture Management Technology helpfully wicks away moisture from the skin, keeping skin both cool and dry. All of these factors come together to stand by the HEX message: giving every athlete the advantages of protection, durability and confidence.

The Elite HEX Shooter Arm Sleeve in Use

For any basketball player, novice or professional, wearing this shooter arm sleeve, you'll reap the advantages offered by HEX technology. Whether practicing, just shooting hoops with friends or getting competitive during a serious game, this elite HEX article will aim to help improve your performance. The elite HEX padding anatomically contours to the skin and joint, giving you the benefit of added protection without realizing you're even wearing a sleeve. You'll soon enough find yourself moving and twisting with ease when attempting to move around a defender, unaware that you're wearing the shooter arm sleeve.Every time you go for a pass, shot or dunk, you'll thank the fact that you decided to slip on this shooter arm sleeve, too, as its knit compression construction will keep your muscles compressed, meaning that you'll retain blood flow to your muscles while supporting them. And even as you continue to run up and down the court, you'll stay cool and comfortable due to both the breathability of the sleeve's knit compression and for the moisture-wicking benefits of the hDc technology.When these three characteristics are combined—Elite HEX padding, breathable knit compression construction and hDc Moisture Management Technology—any basketball player can reach for their best, given the positive advantages provided by each industry-leading, forward-thinking technological component. It's apparent that this technology has followed alongside the evolution of the sport. With the elite HEX gear, you are provided the best protective gear available so you can perform at your best even while under severe pressure.

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