McDavid Flex Ice Therapy Arm/Elbow Compression Sleeve - Front View

Flex Ice Therapy Arm/Elbow Compression Sleeve


Fast cold or hot therapy delivered through a flexible gel sleeve that's easy to put on with total compression coverage for your arm or elbow. Great for athletic recovery from joint sprains, muscle strains, bursitis, tendinitis, tennis elbow, golf elbow and other aches and pains from athletic activity. Safe on skin, 100% leak proof.

  • GREAT FOR ATHLETIC RECOVERY: Can be used as part of an athlete's daily recovery and rehab program. Provides effective cold or hot therapy.
  • EASY ON DESIGN: Simply pull on sleeve over treatment area for instant, stay-in-place compression therapy.
  • TOTAL COMPRESSION COVERAGE: Featuring soft and flexible gel, the sleeve conforms to your body and provides 360 degrees of compression therapy and 100% coverage of treatment area.
  • SAFE ON SKIN: Specially designed material is wearable over bare skin without risk. Non-toxic. 100% leak proof.
  • UNISEX: Fits Both Men & Women
  • Freezes in 2 Hours
  • Can be worn on arm or elbow
  • Freezes in 2 Hours
  • CONTENT: 100% Lycra

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