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MYOVOLT® Wearable Vibration Recovery Back Wrap



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Myovolt® is the pioneer of Wearable Vibration Technology - a patented, research-backed targeted vibration treatment engineered to fit the body.

Designed to warm up, activate and mobilize muscles and joints before activity. Relaxes and loosens muscles to relieve soreness or stiffness for faster recovery after any exercise.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, quick and convenient to use anywhere, anytime. Myovolt® is a daily treatment tool to support and maintain a pain-free active lifestyle.

  • FOCUSED VIBRATION THERAPY: This vibration back wrap helps reduce pain, stiffness, and general soreness.
  • THREE TREATMENT MODES: Choose from three treatment modes based on what you're looking for:
    • Wave: Great for muscle recovery
    • Pulse: Great for recovery, flexibility & range of motion
    • Continuous: Great for muscle and joint warmup.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTORS: Deliver targeted deep tissue treatment and optimal warming.
  • INTELLIGENT SOFTWARE: Clinically guided treatment.
  • THERMAL LIFT: Gentle warming is provided by the vibration actuators which increases blood flow. The warmth is retained by the compression wrap.
  • EASY TO USE: The Myovolt® Compression Knee/Leg Wrap is easy to set up and put on, can be worn under or over clothing, and is USB rechargeable.
  • Backed by scientific clinical peer reviewed studies.
  • MATERIALSStraps: Neoprene: 100% SBR; Fabric: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex; Module: Case: 100% EVA, Switch: 100% Silicone
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