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HEX® Sternum Raglan 3/4 Length Shirt



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HEX Raglan 3/4 Length Product Header
  • TRUSTED BY COACHES AND LEAGUES: Keeps any athlete safe during play – Perfect for Youth Baseball and Softball. Parents keep your child and players safe while they compete!
  • ESSENTIAL PROTECTION: 9mm HEX® Technology of varied sizes is specifically designed to anatomically wrap, flex and protect the body's impact zones.
  • DESIGNED TO MOVE WITH YOU: Classic and comfortable Raglan style made of high-tech materials. 
  • KEEP COOL WITH OUR MOISTURE WICKING TECH: hDc® Moisture Management Technology is all about cool and dry. Mesh fabric across shoulders back and shoulders for full-on ventilation
  • EASY CARE FOR MOM AND DADWash it, dry it, can't hurt it.
  • CONTENT: 84% Polyester, 16% Spandex

WARNING: This product is designed to minimize injury from minor impacts to the sternum and chest area. It is not guaranteed to reduce the risk of Commotio Cordis, a rare but sometimes fatal injury arising from sudden impact to the heart.

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