Knee Brace w/Dual Disk Hinges - McDavid

Knee Brace w/ Dual Disk Hinges


The McDavid Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges is an advanced, highly supportive, easily customizable knee brace that improves medial and lateral stability and aids in knee injury healing and recovery.

  • ADVANCED SUPPORT: No gears — each sidearm is independently articulated with cushioned hyperextension stops
  • LIGHT, STRONG HINGES: McDavid’s lightest hinge has wider arms to aid in maintaining strength
  • EASY TO ADJUST: Engineered straps assure personalized fit
  • ADVANCED COMPRESSION: Latex-free neoprene with micro-cell structure and cell memory for superior stretch, greater heat insulation and lighter, longer lasting support
  • COMFORT & SUPPORT: Open 360˚ padded buttress isolates and supports the patella
  • EASY ON SKIN: Bound edges prevent irritation
  • ALL-AROUND COMFORT: Perforated back panel provides heat and moisture management for all-around comfort
  • DURABLE: Exterior layer of nylon fabric for durability
  • IDEAL FOR ANY SPORT, ACTIVITY: Perfect for Walking, Running, Hiking, Soccer, Biking, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Volleyball and more
  • CONTENT: 100% CR Neoprene / 100% Nylon

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